Equine Physiotherapy

Why does my horse need physiotherapy?

A common misconception is that an equine physiotherapist just checks your horse’s back! This is not true. A physiotherapist is trained to look at the whole picture, physiotherapy is both an art and a science.
I assess your horse’s movement, range of motion, hoof balance, static and dynamic posture, muscle symmetry and palpate their entire body!
Horses can get sore or uncomfortable very easily. Some horses are more stoic than others and are not so quick to display that they are uncomfortable. There are many common  issues which may indicate  something is not quite right with your horse, and physiotherapy could help resolve:


  • resistance to bending in one direction12106831_1681020645454669_8151561040607186093_n
  • difficulty engaging the hind end
  • trouble with one canter lead
  • disuniting in canter
  • forms of resistance, i.e bucking / rearing
  • Resistance to tacking up
  • Change in attitude
  • Head tilting
  • Holding tail to one side
  • knocking poles
  • Napping


12036696_1678845042338896_6162874948125703893_nSmall changes in posture and movement  can often go unnoticed due to the horse’s incredible ability to hide and compensate for pain.

What begins as an untreated minor injury can cascade into dysfunctional movement patterns, poor posture and eventually a chronic condition.

Restoring mobility to any restricted tissue in the body and promoting healing allows the body to return to function quicker and with fewer compensatory issues. Problems are rarely in isolation and as simple as just a ‘sore back’. Hannah is trained to assess the whole body to get to the origin of the issue and not just treat the symptoms.

Pathologies that indicate physiotherapy would be useful:

  • Osteoarthritis / degenerative joint disease
  • Ligament or tendon damage
  • Kissing spines (Pre/Post op or conservative approach)
  • Saddle fit problems
  • Compensatory soreness
  • Scar tissue
  • Pre/post competition


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